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See the Real Things

See the Real Things:
Short field trips and Traveling Classroom

Information on our field trips. View abstracts and download images from the Traveling Classroom arranged at Angkor Wat, Cambodia as well as a short journal from one of the students (more...)

Student's Impressions

Impressions from some of our students.
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The Traveling Classroom Project


Traveling Classroom is a trip to one of Southeast Asian countries which is organized yearly during summer break (April.) Experts in the field will lead the excursion while students are to actively participate. Destination of the trip will vary from year to year limited only to the mainland of Southeast Asia. Students will have a chance to get knowledge first-handed and enjoy the trip with their lecturers and classmates.


Pictures and stories of the Traveling Classroom

2009 Traveling Classroom to MYANMAR

2010 Traveling Classroom to CAMBODIA

2011 Traveling Classroom to INDONESIA

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