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See the Real Things:
Short field trips and Traveling Classroom

Information on our field trips. View abstracts and download images from the Traveling Classroom arranged at Angkor Wat, Cambodia as well as a short journal from one of the students (more...)

Student's Impressions

Impressions from some of our students.
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SEA Studies Program Home Page > Fees & expenses
Fees & expenses
(US $ 1 = approx 31 baht approx.)

MA's Degree Students

  • Tuition and services fees per semester:
    • Thai Nationality : 97,000 baht
    • Foreign Nationality: 154,000 baht (approx. US$ 4,968.00)

* The fees cover one required traveling classroom in the Southeast Asian region.

** The fees also include accident insurance. If students would like to have an additional private health insurance program, premiums vary from 3,650 baht-20,340 baht/year (for students of 20-29 years old) , see for instance, (tel: (662) 236-7533, 7534,7535,7536, ext. 630)

Non-Degree Students

  • Registration fee per semister
    • Thai Nationality first course 31,000 bath / 1 course
      Next course in the same semester 20,000 bath

    • Foreign Nationality first course 60,000 baht / 1 course (approx. U.S.$ 1,935)
      Next course in the same semester 20,000 bath

  • Cost of Attendance for both Thai and Foreign Nationalities
    • 1 course (3 credits = 3 hours/week and 16 weeks/semester)
      =20,000 baht (approx. US$ 655)

Cost of Living

  • On-campus accommodation (Suksitnives International House) 7,500 baht (approx. U.S.$ 220) / month
    * Please see details on on-campus accommodation.
  • Personal / living expenses (food, transportation, laundry, etc.) 13,000 baht (approx. U.S.$ 380) / month
    * This quote on personal / living expenses is only a rough estimation. The actual amount for an individual varies considerably from person to person


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